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Everyday Musee Bath Balm

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Style Amazing Grace


Indulge in the unexpected with Everyday Musee Bath Balm! Our selection of Originals offer nourishing ingredients and delightful surprises to pamper your skin. Perfect for self-care or gifting, each balm promises moments of pure happiness and relaxation during your next bath.

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oil, and Coloreze.

Each balm has a special surprise inside.. listed below..

Butterfly Kisses - butterfly

You Are Loved - red acrylic heart

Don't Worry Be Happy - smiley face bouncy ball

Watermelon Sugar - sugar lip scrub

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch - honey lip scrub

You've Got A Friend - bracelet

Happy Birthday - birthday candle

Tiny Dancer - ballet shoe ring

Wild Thing - animal ring

Dancing Queen - disco ball

Rainbow Connection - rainbow bracelet

You Are My Sunshine - galexie glister body glitter

Amazing Grace - cross

Feeling Groovy - peace sign pin

Living On A Prayer - cross bracelet

Happy Easter - smiley face bouncy ball

Lucy In The Sky - toy diamond